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Computers Drop shipping & Wholesale Distributors

Listed below are the drop shipping and wholesale distributors that drop ship Computers and also wholesale Computers in bulk but usually they don't have a minimum order. If you are looking for a specific product of Computers or brand or country of origination use the search fumction on top.

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Video Cassette Recorder, Video Camera, Camcorder, TV, Television, Plasma TV, Computer Monitor, Facsimile, Rear Projection TV, Audio, Hi Fi, LCD Projector, DVD Player, DVD Recorder, Microwave Oven, Answer Machine, Portable Telephone, CD Player, Laser Disc Player, Digital Camera

Australian distributor for Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Hitachi, Samsung,

LG, Daewoo, Sony, NEC, Creative, ORB, Brother, D Link etc. Manufacturer of Pioneer PC and notebook.

You need to apply for a password to access their wholesale site.

Win4LIn products run Windows applications and Desktops on Linux operating systems.

The technology used by Win4Lin products has been developed over the last 20 years (assets were acquired from NeTraverse Inc.) to enable UNIX™ systems to run Windows applications with the same fidelity, stability and speed as native UNIX™ applications.

Win4Lin technology has evolved to become the best integrated computing experience for hosted Windows applications on the non-Windows desktop.

We are Australia's largest online retailer of Computer, Communications, Electronics and Entertainment products. Our website provides a tool for all shoppers to Search, Research and Buy from our vast and always changing product range. Our brand is represented by a network of over 190 nationwide stores which includes Dick Smith Electronics (retail and reseller stores) and PowerHouse.

The world's largest B2B marketplace!

 Westan Australia is a leader in technology distribution for the IT and consumer electronics (CE) markets with branches and warehousing across Australia and New Zealand. Since the inception of the company in 1989, with 15 consecutive years of dramatic growth with gross sales exceeding $82 million in fiscal year 2003. A remarkable result compared to the $250 thousand in sales of that initial year.
Westan’s range of products and solutions include:
  • PC & Server components
  • Computer peripherals
  • Notebooks
  • Wireless solutions
  • Servers
  • Storage solutions
  • Networking solutions
  • Print solutions
  • Telephony solutions
  • Home theatre solutions
  • Display solutions


Company                        Profile
Nationwide Support
AKA Technology group is the result of business growth and consolidation of our company within the IT industry. Business trading for product distribution nationwide including New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia
, Western Australia and New Zealand.  AKA has the experience and market knowledge to supply and support nationally.

Commitment to quality service and technical expertise
We, AKA,  will be able to concentrate our resources to deliver to you a range of recognized quality PC components and system solutions while maintaining premium customer service and reseller support. Our team of expert staff strives to bring you the best service and quality products, because in today’s computing world when you buy a computer system, you also buy the company behind it. An extensive range of quality products is available at each branch location to meet our customers needs, enabling them to access the products they want when they want them. When you buy our products and services you buy quality, value and reliability. Periodic price lists, up to date product information and technical support will be made available to resellers. All a reflection of our strong commitment to a high level of customer service.

Your                        warranty is guaranteed
Warranty will carry through and be totally honoured by AKA. Any warranty requests will be followed up and handled efficiently and effectively, including products previously purchased from sub-distributors. Service centers are available nationally with skilled technicians to facilitate ease of repair

We                        look forward to getting to know you better
Please feel free to call us for any questions or concerns you might have. All of us at AKA recognize the importance of our customers and we hope that you will continue to work with AKA group, acknowledging the assurance of always receiving enhanced and improved service/support of IT components.

Distributors of Genius mouse, keyboards, NVIDIA GeForce3 graphics processing units and other products for the computer and IT industry.

Our products come from a number of reputable manufacturers around the world - Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, UK, USA, France, India, Belgium, Germany, Thailand, China, Korea, Italy and Slovenia.

To find out more information on any products in our range, click on the logo for the manufacturer of interest. This will take you to the section of our web site which contains additional information about their product range. You can also click here to go to a view only section of our Trade site.

Scroll down, or click to jump to Toys & Games, Computer or Playground products. You can also download a pdf brochure of all or our products, and a retail price list, at the bottom of this page.

More detailed product information is available for Wholesale customers at our Trade section. Pre-registration is required.

Games Products

Acronymia - A fantastic new Australian designed game, the first of many. 

Bag of Stuff - Fresh from Bag of Stuff of Byron Bay comes an innovative range of Australian made children's craft items
Boviva Editions Bioviva Editions - This French based company is renowned for its products whose environmental flavour walks the talk. All of their products are award winning and are typically fully manufactured from recycled materials.

Bit of Banter - A new Canadian company, has just released two sensational new games Bit of Banter and Bit of Banter Junior.
BrainyDay Games - new manufacturer from Canada with two games in production and 9ninr more in development, Informal surveys done by the group found that families were looking for games that were kid-friendly but still enjoyable for parents. The took this informationto the drawing board to develop some exciting ideas.
corx Corx - Created by two guys in the UK, corx has become a sensation over there and is rapidly gaining acceptance around the world. Quirky and different, it's a game for two or more players and requires skill and steady hands.
Creative Internationals Creative Educational Aids - This Indian based company designs and manufactures their own unique range of very economically priced games and puzzles. Their range includes some perennial favorites, many with an educational orientation. 
Faro Toys - An Italian manufacturer of high quality children's steel & plastic play sets. Their range includes products resulting from strategic alliances with high profile international brands, including: Ariston, Lagostina, De Longhi, Bialetti, Alessi and Gaggia.
Geo Australia - A local Australian manufacturer of a unique range of fun and educational building systems and game components
Go Games - Another new Canadian company, has released a revolutionary trivia game.

Graphic Allsorts - An Australian manufacturer of cards and picture frame products
Happy NV offers a range of educational and child-friendly products in attractive EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) foam. These include a number of hobby items such as Party Surprise. They also off the world-famous Happy Cube 3D puzzles series - ingenious while simple to use for all ages.

This 2two and 3-D foam puzzle has become a bestselling classic educational puzzle. The concept is simple. With six puzzle parts, you first build a perfect 3-D cube. Next you fit the pieces back into the 2-D frame. Multiple puzzles can be joined together to form new shapes. The foam finished Happy Cube Family series has four different versions, each with a different level of playing difficulty. In order of difficulty they are, the Little Genius, Happy Cube, Profi Cube and the brain-breaker Marble Cube.

Pop-Out World - A Korean based manufacturer of plastic and paper based construction kits.
Kartenvertrieb - A German based company specialising in the production of a unique range of 3D cards.
Mehano - Based in Slovenia, this company has been making quality toys since 1952 and its products are exported to more than 30 countries. They are now available in Australia. Their Science Kits are unparalleled in terms of quality and value for money. They also produce high quality train sets and children's typewriters.
mind's i - This new Canadian company, has just released three sensational new games that stimulate and energise the hemispheres of the brain.
North South Books - Publishers of the renowned Rainbow Fish series of children's books
One to Ten Toys An established manufacturer of an exceptional range of wooden products from Thailand
Prodijeux Prodijeux - A relative newcomer to the English speaking world, this Canadian based company has been making French language games for many years. It has now started producing its more popular games in English.
Recent Toys a Netherlands company, stands for fascinating and intelligent games and puzzles. In all of their products, the design and contents of the games themselves, are characterised by originality and high quality. Their portfolio includes Zeparate, CrossTeaser, Chameleon , Planets and BrainString.
Rhino Toys - Makes of the oball - the amazing ball for all ages
Sleep Innovations Sleep Innovations - This US based company that specialises in foam products. Their range of foam travel games is unique.
Painless Placemats - These need to be seen to be believed
Riversdale Ropes Riversdale Ropes - This local family business has been making wire cored quoits and hookey boards for over thirty years - a testament to the perennial appeal of these games
Rumba Games - Another innovative Canadian manufacturer of games that is one of the fastest growing businesses in its district.
Outset Media  
Outset Media
- A Canadian manufacturer, with a focus on specialty and innovative games, including the Professor Noggins series of card games.
Seko Design An Australian manufacturer of Australian indigenous wooden puzzles, artwork and educational activity packs. All feature Kimberley Aboriginal culture created by artist Darren Seko.
TahDah Games - A Canadian manufacturer of a unique range of mathematics and spelling games
The Beadery - A US based company specialising in creative jewellery kits.
The Little Architect - An Australian company that has been making innovative play blocks for a number of years
Sekkoia - A French manufacturer of an exciting range of strategy games
Torinant  - A manufacturer of a unique Australian made range of children's products
Wetzel of Germany - Producers or a fascinating and unique range of pre-cut card pieces. Stored in boxes  the size of a matchbox, each assembles to form an amazing 3D puzzle diorama.
World Alive - A Spanish manufacturer of an amazing range of nature kits.
Zoobookoo - A UK manufacturer of a fantastic range of tactile books! 

Computer Products

Datadesk - A Unque range of innovative computer keyboards - including Little Fingers - The first keyboard especially for children DataDesk Technologies - This Seattle based company has been making computer keyboards for over 20 years, virtually since the personal computer cam into being. It specialises in keyboards with improved features to support different work styles and needs. It also manufacture the unique and patented LittleFingers - the first computer keyboard designed specially for the smaller hand of the young child.
Dataworks Established in 1985, this company has grown to become Australia's leading children's edutainment CD-ROM publisher with titles licensed for sale in more than 40 countries worldwide. The company also publishes and distributes a wide range of educational software for ages 3 to 18.
ittibitty Mice ittiBitty - Manufactures a range of small computer mice that are perfect for small hands - and built to take the abuse that small hands can dish out. 
Speedskin Speedskin - This US manufacturer makes a unique range of keyboard overlays. Their innovative design enables them to fit 99% of keyboards while offering a range of functions. These include helping people learn touch typing, foreign language usage and helping people with a sight disability.
e-skin keyboard - The e-skin is a unique concept in computer keyboards. It's a standard sized computer keyboard for Windows PCs, that features a dust and spill-proof cover. Under this cover you can create your own keyboard design, utilising any photo (subject to copyright) - friends, favourite pet, sports star, pop star or cartoon character.

Playground Products

Wild Life Creations

WildLife Creations - Their unique swings are individually hand-sculptured from recycled car and truck tyres. The brain-child of a retired New York based marble sculptor, they are manufactured in the US for local consumption, in Europe and now also in Australia by DBZ.

Cellnet is one of Australia and New Zealand's leading distributors of telecommunications, audio visual and information technology products to the retail and reseller community.

Cellnet's services

Telecommunications and AV Products
Cellnet is continuously expanding its telecommunications and audio visual product portfolio, thus keeping our customers updated with the latest technologies, competitive offerings and advice. If you would like to know more about Cellnet's consumer products and services click here.

IT Products
Cellnet is one of the leading distributors of IT products to the reseller community throughout Australia and New Zealand. If you would like to know more about our comprehensive range, superior distribution, expertise and pricing click here.
Cellnet's Mercury Mobility
Mercury Mobility, a specialist arm of Cellnet is at the forefront of the development and aggregation of quality content for the mobile industry through existing and emerging channels. Mercury Mobilty's innovations are leading the way in content development in Australia and overseas. If you would like to know more about Mercury Mobility's services click here.
Cellnet New Zealand
Cellnet New Zealand provides the retail and reseller community with easy access to all leading telecommunications, audio visual and information technology products and is the leading provider of distribution and fulfillment services to the telecommunications industry in New Zealand. For more information on Cellnet New Zealand click here.

Distributors of video conferencing kits, DVD players, modems, PC accessories, CD media, digital cameras,

USB products, sound cards, speakers, and TV tuners, Based in Australia.
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